Botox 2009

Premiere 17 Apr 2009 Vuotalo

"Every word is pretend. Shape. Shake. Botox."

In this Veijo Baltzar takes up the challenges, contradictions and taboos of the multicultural society. Baltzar’s life experience is reflected in the play as a sharp critical viewpoint from which majority and minority populations as well as Finnish society are being examined.
Script, direction: Veijo Baltzar

Actors: Jaana Pöllänen, Antti Uusi-Videnoja, Armi Vihattula, Ilnas Khaliki,
Timopekka Sillantaus, Aino Ranne, Ria Bäckström, Tanja Hedman

Music: Lyhty ry

Stage design : Esa Toppila


17.4.2009 Vuotalo

26.4, 28.4, 29.4, 5.9 Cultural centre Stoa

7. ja 9.5 Cultural centre Caisa