I’ll Forge Stone to Be a Horse 1983

1983 Drom theatre

1984 Helsinki Student theatre

“I’ll Forge Stone to be a Horse” is an abstract play based on powerful emotional tensions. It is a depiction of a collision between human and inner world. Where did all start, what happened, and where are we going to? The play talks about humans’ relation to nature and economic growth, about worshipping mammon. The Gipsies represent nature, the group that lives in harmony with the environment. For them trees are poetry. But trees are cut down and we make paper out of them.

The play was performed at the International Theatre Festival at Hamburg 22.–26.11.1985 with excellent reviews (Performances took place at Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg)

Script: Veijo Baltzar

Direction: Veijo Baltzar, Ilkka Vanne

Actors: Mia Vasara, Kosti Aaltonen, Arvidi Baltzar ja Valto Hagert

Music: Kauko Salmi, percussions

Composers of the songs: Toni Edelmann, Marko Putkonen ja Arvidi Baltzar
”The play brang sweat to the surface. The actors of the Gipsy theatre did not act, they lived the performance. Actually they performed on behalf of all world’s minorities, knocked our conscience and said what they had to say”

Leena Sirviö, Kuhmolainen 1983 (excerpt, press review)