Many Faces of Europe


Many Faces of Europe 2016-2020 is an international theatre, film and research project dedicated to empowerment of European cultural diversity, socialization of minorities through arts and culture and two-dimensional integration. Project is led by Drom Association.

Project involves 18 cooperation partners. European theatres, art institutions, NGOs and production companies from 8 EU-member states (FI, EST, LITH, IS, CZ, RO, PORT, IT) will join their forces to adapt new socio-cultural practices related to multiculturality in arts, developed by the initiator of the project Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar, a minority intellectual with deep and constructive insight into minority and majority cultures.
Veijo Baltzar will write and direct a musical play, dealing with today’s multicultural Europe, in seven EU-countries. In each country, musical will be performed by local youth from diverse cultural backgrounds together with theatre professionals.
Multiculturality does not blossom in arts within EU. With a constantly growing number of refugees entering EU member states the proactive role of culture and arts in decreasing societal tensions and building cohesive societies is greater than even before. MFOE will showcase the hidden potential of cultures through 7 international musical co-productions, 1 final spectacle, 1 documentary film and more than 100 art workshops in 8 EU-countries.
The grand FINALE 2020 of Many Faces of Europe project will take place in Arena of Verona, Italy, realized with best actors, singers and dancers from each country.

Co-partners of the project



Alexander theatre (Helsinki)

University of Helsinki

Ntamo Publishers

Helmi Films


Russian theatre of Estonia (Tallinn)

University of Tarto

Baltic Film and Media School



Lithuanian Russian Drama Theater
Lithuanian Academy for Music and Theatre (Lithuania)

Vilnius University


Latin Art Gallery (Prague)

Charles University

Mimesis production company


Teatrul National Radu Stanca

UNATC National Academy for Theatre and Film (Bucharest)

Lucian Blaga University


Teatro da Garagem (Lissabon)

Lisbon Theatre and Film School


The Gabler’s Theatre (Reykjavik)

University of Iceland


Doc Servizi