Results of the project

The Conscience of Europe represented a unique occasion, as European ministers and leading politicians had come to discuss multicultural policies and their reform to an event hosted by a cultural actor with a minority background. In addition, the conference issued 24-item set of proposals for reforming European policies of multiculturalism.
The organizers were particularly happy to note that the high-ranking Finnish and European decision-makers and academics participating in the conference agreed with the presented views. This also provided reassurance that it is possible to strive jointly in Europe towards true egalitarianism.
Veijo Baltzar’s legislative proposals were sent to EU Commissioner Viviane Reding, who forwarded them to Walter Zampieri, head of the unit for culture policy and intercultural dialogue of the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. Zampieri noted that Baltzar's proposal bear a highly important and valuable message. He regarded them to be a most useful contribution to reflections currently under way within the European Commission on those issues. In his statement, referring to Veijo Baltzar’s and Drom’s activity, Zampieri writes:
"With regard to cultural policies, it is my strong belief that intercultural dialogue and cultural
activity can be highly effective in building cohesive societies where everyone is respected, valued
and where all can contribute fully. It can also be a powerful antidote to tensions that may arise in
society as they allow for peaceful and creative self-expression and for exposure to other ways of life
in a non-antagonistic context."

In December 2014 Drom Association published a report which analyses the content and results of The Conscience of Europe conference (ntamo, in Finnish and English). The report is available at ntamo’s netstore. (

The Conscience of Europe project gave basis to creating next European-level project by the Drom Association. The idea was to create international cultural project which could serve as an example ideology presented in Conscience of Europe conference put into practice. The Many Faces of Europe 2016–2020 in an international theatre, film and research project dedicated to empowerment of European cultural diversity, socialization of minorities through arts and culture and two-dimensional integration. The project has now 18 partners from 8 EU-states.