Save Kanttila 2015–

Minna Canth (1844–1897) is the most known and valued Finnish woman author. Her residence house in which she lived the latest decades of her life, practiced business and wrote most of her literary works, situates in the heart of historical block of the Kuopio city.
The house’s destiny is in alarming state. The building is protected but there seems to be no one who would take responsibility for taking care of the house’s future in dignified manner. Finnish construction company NCC, current owner of the house, has been selling the property since 2014. In March 2015 Veijo Baltzar and his colleagues in Drom Association found out about the situation.
Veijo Baltzar and Drom Association decided to do their best in order to save the house of Minna Canth and turning it into lively and prosperous, internationally attractive cultural centre. The house needs to be renovated and developed in such manner that it could sustain itself through business and art, serving the inhabitans of Kuopio, artists, youngsters as well as all Finns.

During 2015, Veijo Baltzar and Drom met numerous specialists, investigating the house’s needs of refurbishment and repair.

The process of saving Minna Canth’s residence house by Veijo Baltzar & Drom in media