Conference speeches


1 Cultural councellor, author Veijo Baltzar   The spirit´s in motion but who stands in the way?
2 Cultural councellor, author Veijo Baltzar   Law proposals for reforming multicultural policies of the European Union
3 Professor Paul Cliteur   How does democracy function as a tool for multicultural Europe
4 Minister of Education Jaak Aaviksoo, Estonia   The relationship of the majority culture of Estonia with multiculturalism
5 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Pertr Drulák   Where is the equal multicultural will of Europe?
6 State Secretary Stefan Chudoba   Roma integration is a must
7 Minister of State for Social Inclusion Zoltán Kovács   Why are the minority policies pursued by the majority population in the margins ?
8 Professor Lilian Munk Rösing   The Nordic Council Literature Prize and the question of minorities