The God is Great 1991–1994

Premiere 31.3.1991 Rautalampi Church

The musical Passion play, depicting the suffering of Jesus Chirst, was performed in different parts of Eastern Finland. The play got cultural price of Rautalampi municipality.

Script: Veijo Baltzar

Direction: Veijo Baltzar


1991, Rautalampi Church

1992, Männistö Church, Kuopio

1993, Pieksämäki Old Church

26.–29.3.1994, Church of the Three Crosses, Imatra

Love and Mary

6.–8.6.1997 Lappeenranta

17.6.1997 Kiiminki Church

My Love Maria is a church oratorio performed in Lappeenranta and Kiiminki in 1997. The oratorio's music was composed by Jere Laukkanen to Veijo Baltzar’s lyrics.