Miranda - the Roma Holocaust

Funded by Europe for Citizens Programme of European Union

The exhibition "Miranda the Roma Holocaust" was created in Finland in 2011 by a world-leading Roma author, Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar in collaboration with 11 international archives, Anne Frank Foundation (NL), University of Helsinki (FI) and Museum of Romani Culture (CZ).

34 million European citizens reached!

Miranda exhibition tells about the silenced genocide of the Roma in the Second World War’s Europe through an authentic story of Slovakian-born Roma Holocaust survivor Miranda. Miranda started its World Tour in 2017 and has already reached 34 M citizens internationally.

Miranda represents unique and innovative cultural and pedagogical product. Instead of focusing on atrocities or victim hood of the Roma, the exhibition speaks through arts and brings forth the values, soul and culture of the Roma people in past and present.

The project has received significant attention, being the first ever international Holocaust exhibition created by Roma themselves. The patron of the project is Finland’s former Prime Minister Mr. Paavo Lipponen.

Miranda will travel globally until 2050.

"I hope Miranda exhibition will open the eyes of the many majorities around the world to see the continuing discrimination of the Roma people and to change their own behavior. This exhibition is made by Roma people. It will certainly generate curiosity and respect, I hope."

- President of Finland Tarja Halonen


15 Feb Espoo Cultural Centre, Espoo, Finland
11 May Museum of Occupations, Tallinn, Estonia
15 May Latvian Holocaust and Riga Ghetto Museum, Riga, Latvia (Still displayed)
29 Jun National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia
2 Aug Sered´ Holocaust Museum/Slovak National Museum, Slovakia (Display until 2 Feb 2018)
3 Aug Holocaust Memorial Centre, Budapest, Hungary
27 Sept Varaždin’s Old Synagogue, Varaždin, Croatia


24 Jan Ombudsman Office, Czech republic, Brno
15 Mar Copenhagen Main Library, Denmark
19 Mar European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
8 Apr Osijek, Croatia

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