Through Miranda´s Eyes (TME)

Funded by Europe for Citizens Programme of European Union

Through Miranda´s Eyes (TME) is a global, 18-month cross-disciplinary project dedicated to celebrating intercultural dialogue and reforming history education policies. TME raises awareness about the Roma Holocaust in WWII and promotes Romani arts and culture. The project is supported by Europe for Citizens program of European Union.

In 2001 Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar, initiator of the project, interviewed Miranda, a Holocaust survivor and became inspired by her story. This created a vision of a new innovative concept of teaching about Holocaust by using art as a method of promoting a life worthy of living and depicting it together with the societal developments before, during and after WWII.

In cooperation with 13 European archives, one from US, Anne Frank Foundation, Museum of Romani Culture (Brno, Czech Republic) and University of Helsinki, Baltzar turned Miranda´sauthentic story into a novel and an exhibition in 2011. Within TME project the well functioning Finnish concept will be tried out and developed to suit the needs of 18 European and 2 other states

TME will result in Miranda`s World Tour 2018-2050.

34 million European citizens reached!

Please see Veijo Baltzar's Wolrd Tour opening speech 15 Feb 2017.

"I hope Miranda exhibition will open the eyes of the many majorities around the world to see the continuing discrimination of the Roma people and to change their own behavior. This exhibition is made by Roma people. It will certainly generate curiosity and respect, I hope."

- President of Finland Tarja Halonen


11 May 2017 Museum of Occupations, Tallinn, Estonia
15 May 2017 Latvian Holocaust and Riga Ghetto Museum, Riga, Latvia
29 Jun 2017 National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia
2 Aug 2017 Sered’ Holocaust Museum/Slovak National Museum, Slovakia
3 Aug 2017 Holocaust Memorial Centre, Budapest, Hungary
27 Sept 2017 Varaždin’s Old Synagogue, Varaždin, Croatia


24 Jan Tsekin tasavallan vähemmistövaltuutetun toimisto, Brno
15 Mar Kööpenhaminan pääkirjasto, Denmark
19 Mar Euroopan parlamentti, Brysseli, Belgium
8 Apr Osijek, Croatia

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