Values and objectives

The objective of Drom Association’s diverse activity is to respond to the needs and challenges of culturally diverse Finland and Europe. Association aims at creating new expression and promoting intercultural dialogue in Finland and internationally especially by the means of art and cultural politics.
Although Europe is ethnically diverse, modern European states lack multicultural competencies. Culturally diverse reality has no reflection in politics, legislation, bureaucracy nor education. However, immigration increases rapidly and Europe is facing change.
Maintaining societal peace and stability, building equally wellbeing of all citizens signifies a strong need for multicultural competence and knowledge. It requires consideration of social and cultural diversity at all levels and sectors of society. Arts and culture, politics, bureaucracy and educational system need to encounter European cultural diversity.
The goal of Drom Association is to offer knowledge and competence on multicultural matters to decision-makers and officials on regional, national and international levels. We offer societies forerunning, innovative tools for renovation of societal structures.
One of our ambitions aims is to renew European educational systems by introducing methodology of Intercultural Experiential Education side of traditional theoretically-based concept of knowledge and education. This innovation aims at strengthening self-value, identity, cultural basis of growth and self-knowledge of individuals, creating conditions for success in life in any profession.

Our vision of Finland

European Finland

As a builder of multicultural societies. A European country that other states can take example of. We celebrate cultural diversity, strengthen Finnish culture and elevate national self-respect through progressive societal measures.

International Finland

Country that values and respects its own roots, is proud of itself, creating thus a strong basis for international and intercultural dialogue.

Independent Finland

Country that has ability to see into the future and to invest in sustainable development, has courage to test new and to challenge the existing.

Mature and civilized Finland

Country that has courage to encounter and deal with difficult issues. Our Finland of the future is capable of dialogue and balance with fascist and racist ingredients in order to build societal peace.

Peaceful Finland

Country that has no reasons to live under threat of war.

Equal Finland

Country that gives space for all cultures and individuals to act, grow and live TOGETHER.